Protection Objectives: 
We protect your objectives because we want you to be safe!
Protection Persons: 
We protect your personnel because it brings you more value!
Protection Information: 
We protect your data and information because it represents your creativity!

Prima pagina 1S.C. PROTECTIONS OBJECTIVES PERSONS & INFORMATIONS S.R.L. – POP & I – was created to provide private industry and state companies with integrated professional security services, to include recruiting, training, background checks and other security personnel assistance for international security missions.
POP & I is a Romanian security company which offers full package security services. Our performance, experience, management capacity and the support offered to our customers in achieving important objectives, recommend us as key provider of services in the field of security, in general, and in the industry of oil and gas, in particular… read more

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S.C PROTECTION OBJECTIVES, PERSONS & INFORMATIONS S.R.L. – POP&I – supports the authorities and private entities operating in hostile environments and provides a wide range of ballistic protection equipment and accessories from the world leader in this filed… read more

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