Security systems


S.C PROTECTION OBJECTIVES, PERSONS & INFORMATIONS S.R.L. – POP & I – offers you consulting / evaluation, design, installation and maintenance services for all categories of security systems.

Within the consulting activity, the most important stage is the assessment of the security system you wish to install or of the existing one.

Our experts, based on the accumulated experience and training in the field, can identify and assess your security needs and can provide effective solutions at a high qualitative and technical level.

Sisteme de securitate 1Sisteme de securitate 2

This stage is extremely important because it will determine the next significant marks for the design and installation of a security system:

  • the technical solution depending on risks and vulnerabilities of the objective to physical security;
  • installation method;
  • the number of detection elements and their location;
  • cable routes.

The guarantee of the flawless completion of the other two technical stages, design and installation of the security systems, is ensured by the long experience in the field and professional qualities of POP & I experts.

POP & I offers the entire range of professional equipment to achieve:

  • intruder alarm systems and panic alarm;
  • detection systems, signaling and fire alarm;
  • video surveillance systems;
  • access control systems;
  • Intercom and video intercom systems;
  • Automatic systems, automation.

The design and installation of security systems will always take into account the specific of the objective and of your requirements, at the same time ensuring, in case of complex security systems, their integration into a unique system of protection – alarm system, access control, fire prevention system, CCTV, perimeter security systems etc.

POP&I experts are permanently at your disposal for maintenance of the security systems.

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