Security services performed with specialized and licensed agents


S.C. PROTECTION OBJECTIVES PERSONS & INFORMATIONS S.R.L. – POP&I – is licensed by the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police, in accordance with Law no. 333/2003 regarding the security of goods, values and protection of persons, to perform a broad range of security activities.

POP&I operate in compliance with Romanian the legislation and participate, in cooperation with the Romanian Government law enforcement authorities, to the defense of the public and private property.

POP & I provides the following security services:

  • Risk services and consultancy, to include facility security risk evaluation, personal protection and security training;

Servicii de paza cu agenti 1

  • Security systems, to include access control, CCTV, intruder alarms, fire detection, video analytics and security and building systems technology integration;

Servicii de paza cu agenti 2

  • Monitoring and response, to include key holding, mobile security patrol, response services and alarm receiving and monitoring facilities;

Servicii de paza cu agenti 3

On-site guarding which includes a combination of security services as follows:

  • Access control
  • Reception/concierge duties
  • Emergency response and life safety (including EMTs)
  • Security guard patrols
  • Loss prevention
  • Special events
  • Customized and site-specific security function
  • Protective Detail/Close Protection Services, performed by Romanian Government former close protection operatives

Servicii de paza cu agenti 4

  • Transportation Security. We use highly trained agents and properly equipped vehicles to insure our client’s security coverage for goods and personnel during any type of transportation.

POP&I personnel:

  • is selected, based on the provision of Law 333/2003 on the protection of objectives, goods and values and own system of criteria, among youth with secondary and higher educational level, with special mental and physical skills, appropriate social behavior, ready to solve complex tasks;
  • is equipped with specific uniform labeled with the company’s brand logo, approved by the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police, equipped with means of defense and specific intervention, means of radio and GSM communications;
  • is approved by the national police as required by law in force and it is specifically trained to perform security services on any site;
  • is managed, controlled and acts with professionalism, efficiency and discretion

The vestment and the protective accessories are in compliance with the law in force, approved by the Rules of organization and operation and it is adapted for the season.

The equipping of the agents is adapted depending on the specific of your objective and requirements:

  •  protective baton, irritant pepper spray;
  •  Shockproof / multi-functional vest, helmet;
  •  sound signaling means, signaling devices;
  • GSM telephony;
  • radio stations.


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