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S.C PROTECTION OBJECTIVES, PERSONS & INFORMATIONS S.R.L. – POP&I – through a specialized investigation firm, member of the POP&I group, provides private investigators, specialized personnel with extensive experience in investigations, capable of performing the full range of services:

For companies:Investigatii 1

  • Advisory service:

– in the elaboration of programs and internal rules to protect the company, under procedural, physical and personnel report and regarding the personnel, in compliance with the legislation in force;
– in organizing the internal structures of your company’s security against information leak and in the personnel training within them;

  • in organizing the internal structures of your company’s security against information leak and in the personnel training within them;
  • providing protection against information leak within your company;
  • investigation of circumstances on the loss of documents or acts, and investigations in order to obtain their archive;
  • checking the loyalty and correctness status of your company’s employees, in terms of:

– fulfillment of professional tasks;
– the way in which they respect the professional secret or of service;

  • determination of fraudsters or of some disloyal employees of your company;
  • checks regarding the socio-economic and moral-ethics condition of some persons with whom your company has various relationships, or employees or future employees;
  • checking your employees or employment candidates for setting the compatibility with the requirements of the positions they occupy or will occupy – investigations of morality, social-economic and moral-ethics condition (employees, future collaborators, future clients, etc.);
  • checking your employees stating they are sick or invoking various reasons in order to absence from work;
  • detecting illegal labor;
  • personnel selection for employment, including by polygraph technique;
  • checking the potential future business partners, natural or legal persons, in terms of:

– creditworthiness, reliability or their solvency;
– reliability and accuracy in fulfillment of contract obligations;
– obtaining data regarding commercial history and commercial record of business  partners or future business partners;
– prevention of collaboration with dubious partners or with intentional tort;
– obtaining information on unfair competition;

  •  protection of intellectual property – of copyright, trademarks and patents;
  • obtaining information and other special investigations, on request.

For natural persons we offer the whole range of services of investigations according to the law.

Special servicesInvestigatii 2

The information security specific to private space can be tried not only by computer viruses, but also by unauthorized access through spy type equipment: microphones, hidden cameras, computerized technical systems, etc.

Therefore, POP & I offers special services, carried out by qualified personnel with over 10 years experience in the field, and cutting edge equipment.

These services involve:

  • checking the radio frequencies on which the microphones can emit;
  • hidden microphones (mounted) in various locations (home, office, etc.);
  • checking laser emissions transmitting data;
  • verifying the existence of wires concealed in furniture fixtures or walls to transport information received from a means of illegal interception;
  • checking of all types of microphones that can be installed in landlines or mobile phones
  • We provide guidance for protecting private life, control and supervision of delicate transports.

Investigatii 3

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