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S.C. PROTECTION OBJECTIVES, PERSONS & INFORMATIONS S.R.L. – POP&I – supports the authorities and private entities operating in hostile environments and provides a wide range of ballistic protection equipment and accessories from the world leader in this filed.

POP & I is the exclusive distributor of Point Blank Enterprises in Romania and Eastern Europe.

Because life is the most precious thing, POP & I offers a product that will provide you the best protection. Point Blank Enterprises  is the world’s no. 1 in ballistic protection products in terms of quality and diversity.

In its range of products, there can be found: retractable, crossover, tactical vests and with protection against cuts and stitches with sharp objects, bulletproof and intervention helmets, bulletproof and intervention shields, bulletproof blankets, innovative designs of batons and and high tech product, anti-explosion / anti bomb suit.

Here are just a few of the considerations which led us to bring for you top products for ballistic protection from the world leader in the field:

  • PBE has more NIJ.06 certified products than any other manufacturer of bulletproof vests of specialized industry;
  • Exceeds the safety imposed by the NIJ requirements;
  • The products are differentiated by gender: men and women;
  • They have a variety of ballistic packages from size C1 to C5;
  • The most ballistic models of Level IIIA exceed the NIJ, DEA and FBI Testing standards;
  • PBE always uses at present what for other manufacturers represent the next generation technology;
  • PBE focuses on the development of the most light and flexible body armor systems, with the highest ballistic resistance. The ways to achieve this objective and the manner which differentiates them in competition, is based on innovation;
  • They designed the first bulletproof vest based on the revolutionary Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology from DSM. This unique ballistic material makes the Series of Alpha Elite vests to be number 1 in the elite of profile technology
  • Dyneema engineers from DSM have created a completely unique polyethylene polymer with ultra-high molecular weight (UHMWPE). The production process of the Force Multiplier Technology is a patented technology for mixing the gel:
    • Gel with ultra high molecular weight
    • Mixed to break the polymer chain – directly is too strong
    • Applied in matrix of 90 ° – adherent using resin (UD laminate)
  • The latest generation of PBE products are:
    • With nearly 25% lighter;
    • With more than 30% thinner
    • They have a much greater flexibility;
    • V-50 over 1900 fps;
    • There were tested for special threats;
    • Meet the NIJ, DEA and FBI test protocols.

Although we presented you only a part of the exceptional characteristics of PBE products, we hope you will consider that this is the best possible choice!

Given that the option for the model and size of any product of ballistic protection is as important as the protection it offers you, and taking into account the fact that the procedure to establish the optimum size is complex, please fill in the following contact form or send us an e-mail with your request.

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